25L TPU Dry Bag Backpack IPX6 For camping/boating/fishing


Units in Stock: 100

Model: : WF-062


· Knapsack capacity 25L, high frequency seamless welded waterproof technology, waterproof grade IPX6 level (long-term rainstorm can be waterproof), suitable for leisure, surfing, sailing, rafting and other occasions.
· Stereo pocket: a three-dimensional pocket with large capacity and seamless fusion in front of the bag, waterproof zipper waterproof IPX4 level, quick release of temporary goods
· High elastic sponge and net cloth shoulder pad, simple back series, light
· The side of the elastic net, high elasticity, such as the size of different items placed outside the bottle, the other side of the transparent window bag, mobile phone and other items.

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