Zhongshan Wild Fruit Outdoor Products
Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer
in producing kinds of waterproof bags.
Our personal mission to make a
positive,and significant difference
inthe outdoor market by providing
strong,durable waterproof bags and
accessories at a reasonable price,
that you can depend on. We are
constantly keeping up with change,
and adapting our products accordingly.
Wild Fruit was built up in 2013,Our company
products includes waterproof motor bags
,bicycle bags,water sport bags ,fishing
bags,camping bag,mountaineering bags,
waterproof pouches,and so on.We service
our customers from the design to final
shipment all in one line. With our serious
and sincere attitude,we received good
reputation from our end customers in

Why we are Wild Fruit

    Wildfruit are the fruits which live under the cruel nature condition, without human's special care, they still grow up hardly and bear fruits. They stand for the qualities of independence, brave and strength.

Our Value

    Quality is the entrepreneur's life, innovation is entrepreneur's future!

Our belief

    To your companion on your travelling to freedom!


    Address: 4?floor,Carlyle?Science?Park?B?building,No.?3,
    Kelon: 15819961591

the best services


wild heart. primitive, Having dreams, perfecting ourselves, in pursuit of free at all costs. If everyone is following their own heart, the energy can be as powerful as the universe. Because of the external environment, sometimes closed our own hearts and hide inner thoughts. "WILD HEART" always remind us that we should open heart to release ourselves, go after dreams, explore and change the world, make dreams come true.

Ibrahim Osom

Introduce production process

Product graphic design —? product mold making —? Sample making —? Sample modification and improvement confirmation —? Mass production —? Making of cutting mold —? Computer pattern sewing —? manual sewing —? high frequency welding —? Product testing —? Mass production complete —? Inspection and acceptance of goods —? packing box —? Express transportation ?

Why choose us

We have mature development system and quality experience, including high quality requirements of the brand and 100% yield requirements of e-commerce products. We have the ability to help customers develop new waterproof package brand series products. We have good faith and good reputation, strictly in accordance with the promised quality standards and delivery dates

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